SBD two things ruined by people I love

The best part of this ruination is neither gave away plot points. They managed to destroy an entire novel or production with one sentence.

Jeez. Thanks a lot, Gretchen.
Watching Dr. Zhivago with Gretchen. Beautiful snowy scenes. That music. We're talking atmosphere deluxe. Gretchen leans over and says: "Check it out--that's obviously a set because you can't see their breath." This was years ago--I'm talking decades--and it's all I really remember the movie......well, except that music and that's a major earworm.

Listening to a book on tape. It's a mystery called A Crack in Everything. I mention to Mike that I'm liking it. He says. "I remember that. Let me look up the review." (he does short reviews of every audio book he listens too. He is like that. You should see his graphs on our utilities or gas consumption in cars)

"Oh, yeah. I wrote 'hobo bag, hobo bag, hobo bag.' The character mentions her damn hobo bag every few minutes."

He's right. And now I listen for "hobo bag" instead of paying attention to the book. It's in every goddamn chapter.

I can only hope that I can some day manage to destroy an entire book*** or movie with a single sentence. Because wow. the heady power of an observation!

*** but not MY book. Please, god, not something I wrote. 


  1. This kind of reminds me of that one episode of 'How I Met Your Mother' where they discuss that glass shattering moment in a relationship where you realize the person you're in a relationship has a flaw and then all they can see is that flaw. It was a funny episode.

  2. That wixked little imp inside me says "do unto others as they have done unto you". But then, I'm not a nice person, Kate. You are.


    Got to wear my glasses

  4. Chandra--that moment always occurs in relationships, right? The day you realize your loved one has a really annoying laugh, or picks his teeth. I just want a nice, short-but-perfect relationship with a book/movie. . . or barring that, I want to be the one who manages to zero in on the continuity errors.

    Irene, you're known for your evil streak. Or maybe your sense of humor. Or maybe both.


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