in search of crackers

When I'm sad, I eat chocolate. When I'm happy, I eat chocolate. When I'm nervous about appearing in public, I eat crackers.

Speaking of appearing in public, check out these amazing writers. Wow. I mean simply having one's name next to "Mark Twain." That's fairly amazing.  Alfred Uhry? Holy shit. Louis Lapham? We love him in this house. Go Harper's. Okay now it's go Lapham's Quarterly.

 Look at those credentials and those accomplishments.

Huh. Who the fuck is this Summer Devon? Oy.

I think I'll go find some crackers.

In other news, I find the fact that it's snowing/slushing a relief. This is freaking NEW ENGLAND. We needed to awake from the good weather dream. The shoe has fallen and we can get on with our lives. Alas for the dead wisteria blossoms on the vine taking over the house, but we knew this was coming. Stupid overeager plant is at least 10 years old--it should have figured this out by now.


  1. I'd be proud and a little in awe of sitting next to Summer Devon. I had coffee with her, true story, and she was personable and funny as hell.

  2. okay that made me day. Back at you Lisabea.


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