Amazon Called

Yes. Jody was right! It was plagiarism. The nice thing is that Eric from Amazon is now a close personal friend, as in I know where he lives and he promises it won't take weeks and weeks to figure out next time. If there is a next time. 

They got away with about ten dollars this time. Once they get more than $50, I'll push for the money or legal action more than I do. But I've figured out that this chasing thieves (plagiarists and pirates)takes a big bite out of time/creativity/life and I've put a price limit on how much I'll spend on 'em


  1. Of all the things for me to finally be right about.... Jeez! It really is scary out there. I wish there was an easier way to find plagiarists and thieves. I think they must be making all the money I'm not!

  2. It really is discouraging. At least with pirates you'll get some kind of alert from (google) if you've turned it on.

    With the damn plagiarists, it's just a matter of accident running across them. Unless the guy's moronic enough to leave the author's name on the book, like my guy #2

  3. That short story you posted will prolly be next. Watch out! Or maybe just some blog posts cobbled together under the title of "Sexxxy Vixen."

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