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what ho! A week has passed. Did you miss me? I missed me, a lot. I blame the weather. and since I've decided that all talk about the 71 inches of snow (and the 12 more coming this week) is over-rated, how about a nice sbd to go on with?

I've read a couple of kick-ass supernatural heroine books and I've decided they're not my favorite fluff genre. I like Patricia Briggs's heroines but mostly because kick-ass is a secondary characteristic. They have personalities that consist of more than snark and sass and bring-it-on-itude. Plus they might like sex but it's not one of the main weapons in their arsenals.

I enjoy Kim Harrison's books but that's despite the fact that her heroine is definitely a primary kick-asser, not because of it.

This annoyance arose because I started another book a couple of days ago, this one is about a weather warden. Ill Wind--from a bigggggg series. The fact that I didn't get into the story isn't really the author's fault. It's an audiobook (Audible is having a sale of first of series books, btw. I pay the 10 a year fee and grab books when they have this sort of thing)

For some reason when I pushed play, the book started with part two. I listened to most of the second half of the book before I realized it. Talk about in media res. I'm still not crazy about the book because the heroine is major kick asser (also not the author's fault that I'd OD'd on them) and because she imagines all the males in it are panting after her and of course they are because this is her book. All the males. Every single one. It would be one thing if she was a incubus or succubus, or whatever (and chances are I wouldn't be reading the book because, enough is more than enough) but she controls the weather, for god's sake. Also her obsession with her car got old. Even Briggs's Mercy, a mechanic, is less dull about cars.

And what is it with the first person? Must KA heroines all be presented in first person?

So now I need a good book with a reluctant coward of a heroine. She gets the job done, of course, but considers running and hiding as well.

Actually I need to get to work on my own stuff.

I have the last of the Ruth Downie books to read but I'm going slow on it. For one thing, it's a real book and there's all this flipping through pages to find my place and I have to find reading glasses. So . . . antique.


  1. As a woman, I have flaws, and insecurities, so when I read books with characters like this - all full of ass kicking and every man panting over them, I just can't relate. Not only can I not relate, I think at some level it makes me resent the heroine in the story. Anyway, just my two cents.

    I always love your take on things, but have to say my favorite line of this post was "It would be one thing if she was a incubus or succubus, or whatever..." That made me smile.

    Hoping to one day be able to get back to writing at Borders.

  2. I liked the first few books of the Weather Warden series, because they seemed different from a lot of the paranormal/UF stuff that was out at the time. But I abandoned the series after four or five books, because it didn't feel like the overall plot was advancing. Joanne was hurtling from one disaster to another without a plan or strategy. Maybe there was one that I was missing?

  3. I was kicking around for that Roman series you mentioned (sadly not for free anymore) but then got to wondering how you come by the Kindle deals. I find their promotions page a bugger to navigate and was wondering if there are better ways to do it?

  4. Rachel,
    I go to the Kindle ebook page (via the orange "shop all departments" button on left) and on THAT page, on the right lower side there are the top 100 books paid and free. I'd do screen captures, but I can't figure that out!

  5. jmc,
    that's the one thing I do like about that Kim Harrison series -- Rachel frequently TSTL but less and less often.

  6. I'm reading China Mieville's Kraken right now, which doesn't have any romance in it, although it does have a kick-ass female supporting character. Quite enjoyable, really.

  7. Thanks for the tip!


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