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Linda thinks Someone to Cherish as a title and that seems pretty good to me. I'll wait an hour or so and see if it still sticks.

I've been doing another big glom with Robert Crais and that seems to be the way I do reading these days. A big old glom and then feeling as if I'd overeaten. Moderation is out the window when it comes to reading. nom nom nom nom erp.

And now I'm listening to a Patricia Briggs -- one I've listened to before. What a rerun of a life.

So after a big Crais push, who should I read? I tried a Jim Butcher Dresden files book, but it didn't do much for me. It's a real pity because my middle guy loves those books, which means they're all over the place.

I didn't adore the latest Carla Kelly, which was jarring. It had moments that were too silly or coincidental, which coming from me, is a strange complaint. Maybe because I don't think of her as that kind of writer. I'd write a full report, but I'm so full of Crais that I can barely recall the Kelly. I do recall thinking the Admiral didn't seem as decisive or wise as we're told he is.


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