Never mind

Remember that huffy list I drew up last week of ten tired trends? I just read a steampunk that was wonderful fun. I hope the trend lasts long enough for this to get published and be a big success.


  1. you read an unpublished steampunk? Cuz, yeah, if it's been published I would like to know the name.

    You could write steampunk, my dear. Being able to write period is the most difficult thing about it. I suspect you'd find it a piece of cake.

  2. No, not Leviathan but I'll add that to my list.

    Doug -- I think you should write steampunk and I'll look for scenarios/words that don't work. (And then you can say "but it's ALTERNATIVE HISTORY! In this Victorian world, 'latex' is fine.")

  3. I'm doing the research for an alternate history, but I'm afraid it doesn't qualify as steampunk. As for the genre (steampunk, that is), I'm lukewarm. I enjoyed "To Say Nothing About the Dog" but haven't cared much for other sp's that I've tried.


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