10 trends that can go away, thanks

Reading that Medicus book was pleasant because I discovered a grand, new place to visit, which made me think hey, yo, how about some new stuff in the fluffy reading world? Enough with the very familiar. And I started in on an internal rant about how I'm tarred, tarred, tarred of reading this stuff. Internal for a minute and a half before I came here to share with my reader (hi, reader!).

Mind you, if authors who've done this stuff before want to keep on writing this stuff, that's fine with me. If Patricia Briggs or Kim Harrison wants to keep writing werewolves and vampires, I'll keep buying their books. It's just that new work by new people? I want new from you people. I mean it. All you editors that say you want fresh new voices: mean it.

I want fewer of these books:

1. YA dystopia
2. Vampires, especially the kind who wear black and have no sense of humor. I've been saying this one for years but everyone's been ignoring me.
3. Gods and goddesses or other ancient myth types showing up in modern garb.
4. Steampunk.
5. Erotica with a plot based solely on sexx (especially sexx that is necessary for the survival of a character. It's as annoying as soul mates. Where's the choice factor in that? huh?)
6. Erotica with more than a few people in the sack at once.
7. Erotica with shapeshifters in their shifted shape. Then again, I just finished sort of writing one of those, but not really. Okay, yes, I am a hypocrite.
8. Erotica with siblings. Ew
9. Erotica with tentacles and/or spikey penii. I've only read a couple but that's more than enough. I suppose that goes with #7 except spikey boy bits get their own category.
10. Historical romances set in Regency England that involve dukes (not ducks as it came out at first) earls or any other sort of nobility. And I'm a fan of the genre.

The good news for anyone who writes any of the above is that I have no power over anything. In fact, I was whining about the proliferation of vamps JUST BEFORE TWILIGHT HIT THE MARKET. So it could be said that anything I moan about is going to get bigger and stay huge.

Keep in mind that I am tired of snow.


  1. I could soooo write a tentacle sex story. With Cthulhu and his little sister Cthulha. How many trends did I just invoke?


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