Bragging moment for our latest m/m

I've read this review a couple of times already because it made my day.

"It’s an exciting and robust tale with mouth-watering intrigue, political machinations, witty banter and some fizzlingly sensuous sex scenes and like The Gentleman and the Rogue (which if you haven’t read why the hell not?) I can’t recommend it highly enough. I want to take away these ladies’ pens until they promise they write nothing else but gay historicals. I just wish I could get a set of theirs in print. -"-Erastes

And there was another nice review from Dear Author a couple of weeks ago. I might have linked to it already, but why not again? Yes. Let's bask for a few minutes, shall we?

" . .I really enjoyed the voice of this story, loved the characters, enjoyed the historical setting, and the unusual German nationality of one of the characters.. . . . While I enjoyed your previous two historical collaborations, this one was by far and away the best of them." -- Sarah

These reviews are especially nice because the first few reviews were "eh, all right but not as good as Gentleman and Rogue." Wait. Never mind that bit. This post is pure yay, without a trace of discontent or fretfulness.


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