Drum Rolllllllllllllllllllll

Okay, I have the entries. I still don't have a title because I'm still staring at them.

Here's what I do know -- everyone who entered is a better Editorial Assistant than I am.
You guys rock.

Any favorites?

Somebody to Watch Over Me
Beloved Defender
His to Cherish
Callie's Champion
Somebody Perfect
Someone to Cherish
Her Knight in Blue
Saving Callie
Cutter's Innocence
Cutter's Woman
Protect and Defend
His Sweet Temptress
Tempting Innocence
Sheltering Callie
Somebody for Callie
Hookers under Gaslight

Michelle wondered if there was a way to keep "Ratcatcher" in the title...

The Innocent and the Ratcatcher (she adds "not exactly Kathleen Woodiwiss, you know?" Heh.)
The Ratcatcher's Woman
The Ratcatcher's Kiss
The Potential Urge (I love it, Darcy. But I think I'd save that for a literary novel. Or a self-help ten-step book about working to your potential)

Callie's Ratcatcher
His Naive Temptress
Dangerous Naivete
Innocent Temptation

Her Protector
Cutter's Mistress
Callie's Knight

I forgot Heather's!
Somebody to Hire
Somebody to Arrest
Somebody to Get Jiggy Wit
' *****

edited to add: I forgot Jenny's! It's a good one, too.

The Guardian's Desire

I got some of these in emails and I hope I managed to capture and recopy them all, but if I forgot yours, let me know.

. . . oh, and the blurb Joanne wrote. I'll mix it up with mine.

Officer Cutter thought he’d seen everything until he is assigned to raid a brothel and he meets Callie, a young lady. Impressed by her authentic innocence, a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Cutter saves her from jail by branding her a witness. When the brothel’s owner dies under suspicious circumstances, Callie is called back to testify. An event that ruins her reputation, leaving her without a dreadful job and a place to live. Once again Cutter helps her, offering a position under his own roof. Despite their different origins, with both being alone in 1884 New York, Cutter feels the needs to protect Callie, even from himself - but who will save him from her?

Kimberly, I promise I'll send you the title tomorrow.

And the winner of the randomly selected**
gift certificate to Amazon.

IRENE PETERSON! (She entered via email. I guess I'll have to email her and tell her she's won)


** "Linda, I need you to pick a number between 1-20."
"Eight. Why?"
"It's for my contest."
"You have a contest?"

I swear, when the person you write with 2x a week doesn't have a clue, then you KNOW you need to do a better job of promo.

***** I giggle like a loon every time I read that one.


  1. Jenny M5:08 PM

    Hey, Kate! This is Jenny McClure. I was just wondering if you got my email and my suggestion of "The Guardian's Desire" for a potential title. Good luck!

    P.S. I do like the sound of "Tempting Innocence" as well!

  2. Yikes! No, Jenny, I didn't get it. I'm sorry!!

  3. Jenny M6:45 PM

    That's fine! I also wanted to let you know I'm actually the model on your cover, so thanks for choosing it!! :)

  4. SERIOUSLY? Wow!

    You are gorgeous, and even better, you have the look of a Smart Cookie!!

  5. Jenny M9:12 AM

    Lol Thanks!!

  6. Jenny M2:18 PM

    I was just curious, are you going to be releasing this book to Barnes & Noble's nook or just the kindle? I'm about to get a nook and would love to add it to my library!

  7. I'm pretty sure it will be available for the nook but I'm not sure. I'm not dealing with the formatting -- a pal is doing all that and uploading the book all over the place!


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