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I'm over at Samhain, patting romance writers on the back. It was supposed to be more of a "shhh, shhh it's fine. See? It's all going to be good because we're actually fine peeps." sort of a pat rather than a "rah!rah! we're great!" thump on the back.

But the second one works.

In other news,
allergies are making me into a cartoon character of sneezing. ah AH AHHHHHHchoo.

I don't want to hear about or from Rev. Wright. He's not running for preznit. Ditto Rev. Hagee. Or, if we must hear from these guys, at least give them equal time to fill our televisions with wrothy rant-age, because frankly, I think Hagee's ideas contain even more of the Crazy than Wright's and that means a higher entertainment factor. (Or higher insomnia omigodwhoGAVEthesepeopleaplatform factor, depending on the mood)

OmiGod part II. I just realized that from now on, when MSM needs a Black Perspective on any current event, they're going to haul Rev. Wright onto the screen. After all, everyone's tired of Jackson and Sharpton and heaven forbid they take the time to actually look around the country for other influential African Americans. Wright is entertaining, controversial and noisy--and with us forever now even if Obama loses the race. Oh, golly.


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