If you don't decide which college you're going to -- and decide very soon, I will keel you. Dead. No school choice necessary at least.

Yo. A least answer the simple questions like "what kind of criteria you using to decide?" or "what do you want for dinner?"

There, does that work? It's in my blog therefore it must be true. Dead.


  1. tracy macnish8:26 PM

    You're too young to be my mom, but I wish you were, anyway.

  2. he's the one who insisted that it's real to me only when it's blogged. I expect he knows I don't have a life.

  3. Ah, poor Andrew.... have him call me, if he needs to talk to someone who's done that recently enough, and also has a bunch of friends who went through the same thing.

  4. I take it he's not going to make it down to ole Virginny for a visit?

  5. I'm seeing my future and it's scary and fun all at once.

    I hope you get your answer.

  6. Uncle Andrew11:16 AM

    Or he can call me if he needs to talk to someone who went through this more than thirty years ago and whose only recollection of the college application process was riding my bike to a mailbox that had a midnight pickup because I literally finished at the very last minute. It was outside of a donut shop and man were those tasty! So I have what you might call transferable wisdom on this subject.

    I do applaud the use of death threats, though. So often underrated as a parenting technique.

  7. Annoyed Boy(ed)8:25 PM

    College had better be worth this tedium,or I'm gonna go batshit insane.
    Kate, you are channeling a very annoying devil. Who's the most annoying devil? Yeah, that's you. It's like the Exorcist, only instead of green globs of extraplanar goo, you spout annoying questions, which I must invariably answer with invective.

  8. [wrenchs computer from his paws]

    That your final answer? You're going to have to learn to njoy the fast fud industry, boyo.

  9. and no, thanks for your offer to be a nice cousin Rachel, but I don't think W&M is in the running. I don't KNOW of course.

    Oh and thank YOU for the great link. Kinkade. erp.

  10. PS you're right, UA donuts are a good idea. And Aya? Talk? Yer such a girl.

    Tag, UA and Lyvvie.

  11. Can't call your Momma by her first name and then ask her for money - that's just crazy! What a cheeky son you have, Kate! *lol*

  12. He rarely calls me anything but Kate. I think it might be a first child thing?

    It's interesting how many people are taken aback and offended by it, especially when he was a wee tot, but I don't notice it any more.

    The other two call me mom or hey yooooooooo (said in a very affectionate voice. I love that one.)

  13. Uncle Andrew11:41 AM

    So what deadline have the colleges themselves set for replying? Maybe let the pressure come from them.

    And yeah, Andrew, college *is* worth all the tedium. And you haven't even seen the half of the tedium yet. Wait till you're standing in line all day in the 100 degree sun to sign up for classes you don't even want to take but you have to because of a computer error that could have been fixed if you had responded by the deadline but the information was sent to the wrong address and now the rain is pouring down and a cold wind is freezing you to the core and the evil university fat cats are sitting up in their tower smoking cigars and chortling as they issue the order to outsource the dorm food contract to Alpo Inc.

  14. Well, I could try to communicate via pictionary, morse code or expressive dance, but talking seemed easier.

  15. Joven Uno9:56 PM

    Jeez, so first it's 100 degrees, then there's freezing wind? Where the hell am I going to college?
    If they're outsourcing the contract to Alpo, maybe Soozee should go to college in my stead. She needs the education, the cur.

  16. exchanging bird calls might be the answer, aya.

  17. I will be the mourning dove, or the 6 oclock bird....

  18. UC Berkeley. There. I'm sorry.

    I can't even read this V word. What the f?

    OMG this next one is even worse.

    What the fuck. Someone is screwing with me.

    another weird one.

    I almost had to push the handicrapped button. God forbid because I am know...handicrapped.


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