I'm over at TEB, patting ourselves on the back for a job beeeautifully-done. Lisabea's finale is magnificent, deserving of a standing ovation. It's all so ...so....lovely.

That standing ovation line reminds me of all the school concerts where the audience all stand up and applaud until their hands hurt--just after the teachers point out that without us amazing parents we'd never have gotten to hear this amazing music.

We are so achingly clever, we kill ourselves with joy.

* * *

Speaking of death, no, the boy still hasn't decided which school. A couple more days of indecision and voila! The decision will be made for him because it'll be too late. I've taken to repeating to myself that there are worse things than getting a job instead of going to college right after high school.

My husband, who goes out running every morning before the crack of dawn, got home this morning at six am and I woke to hear him on the front porch (open window weather. Ahhhhhh) talking with some friends/neighbors whose kids (twins) are also playing chicken with the college thing. Their kids are also shrugging and saying dunno.

When you wake up to the sound of parents saying "I want to wring their necks" it's sort of a comfort.


  1. TUTGB has been fab and thank you for being one of the first to sign on (the first one to definitely commit I think?)


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