Anyone else watch Hustle? We've become addicted and I think we're going to run out soon. We're definitely done with the stuff available at the local library and imdb tells me that there aren't many after that.

I don't understand why British television doesn't take a series all the way to the bitter end. It's just like The Office (the one set in Slough--a place I've visited more than once and yes, I know just how cool that makes me). They made a few seasons and then Ricky Gervais decided okay, they're done with that story. What's with the grand old tradition of grinding out episodes until the ratings and writing go into the toilet? Sheesh. Although ....are the Archers still out there on the radio?


  1. The Archers are still going strong, and you can download the podcast here.

    I've not watched Hustle. We're currently addicted to Chuck and Dirty, Sexy Money. Plus the UK version of The Apprentice is miles better as Sir Alan Sugar is a million times awesome on "Combover" Trump.

    Oh damn! I watch too much TV.

    Ricky Gervais went on to write/star in The Extras which was equally brilliant. I think he must get itchy feet and crave something new a lot.

  2. And of course, we only do six episodes in every episode. Unlike in the US where every 'season' seems to have about 20 episodes. (We are not permitted to make longer series under European Regulations).

  3. I believe BBC has a grand old tradition of going out on a high note. Witness Fawlty Towers, which only ran 12 or 13 episodes (probably 12, baed on the comment above, but my memory is questionable on this one), and Blackadder. One advantage of publicly funded television is that the producers don't feel obliged to squeeze every possible nickel out of the franchise.


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