Beware Prissy Pants. She's There, watching

Now Cheetos are on my list.

I have a list of products I won't buy because their advertising campaigns are so obnoxious or unpleasant or stupid or....Does one need a reason?

Prissy Pants** comes out when I see ads that mock teachers, parents or the little old lady who looks out her window. The neighborhood watch lady who calls the police? I want her watching. I would pay to have her watching.

And librarians. God help me, I might actually send a letter if I see another librarian getting the mocketty-mock ad treatment.

I spend minutes at a time composing letters to the manufacturers in my head. Do you really think making mom and dad look like assholes is going to get mom and dad to buy your stupid cereal? Don't you know we're sitting next to our kids watching Cap'n SweetCrunchees put one over on the adults?

I'm not Lazlo Toth and I don't send the letters, but they're there, deep in my Prissy Pants Soul and you idiots who sell stuff should keep in mind that us perimenopausal/menopausal/mothers of small children/mothers of teen agers have short fuses about anyone encouraging our kids to behave badly or rudely.

I don't want my kids reminded that they are better or cooler than old people. They already believe that. I suspect it's a natural inclination but that doesn't mean I want advertising moguls encouraging the "gotta make someone look stupid so you look cool" mindset.

Do not, for the love of your stupid products, show them how it's done. Snark? Sure. Actions like putting cheetos in someone's white laundry load? No. No. No.

Okay, maybe the snoring guy on the airplane with the cheetos up his nose while the air attendant gets an orgasm from the cheetos cheetah isn't so bad. But still.

Vindictive retaliation is the automatic response of immaturity. Quashing that is my main job
. Do you have any idea how many hours a week a parent spends trying to redirect and retrain their punkins so they can go out in the world and not kill or be killed the first time someone thwarts them? And then there's Chester saying Go For It!


Anyway. Get it? Mean-spirited is not going to sell Ms. Prissy Pants a single thing. Frankly I'd rather have dogs selling beer and cartoon animals selling ciggies than you guys selling your version of Coolness.

**Yet another alter ego.


  1. I completely agree! It winds me up too. the bastards. But Kate - Ms. Pants - why not send that letter?? I think the responses would be brilliant if you got one. Plus it's an outlet for the stress AND woohoo venting is awesome! Way better than fuming.

  2. Anonymous12:24 PM

    I haven't seen this commercial. But I keep seeing the Heineken commercial with the female robot who doubles as a beer dispenser/keg, and it really pisses me off. So, basically, the "perfect" woman is decorative, anorexic, doesn't speak, and only dispenses beer while wearing something frilly and short. Yep, that's an image that every beer-drinker should buy into.


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