13 sort of talents thursday thirteen

You guys ever do this? Imagine what you'd say if someone held a gun to your head and demanded you justify your existence? No? I think I've done something like this before but that's tough. Dull, too. Again, tough.

1. make bread. I do good loafs.

2. Spin and knit. I don't any more but I can.

3. make jam

4. ignore dust

5. lat-pull 60 lbs.

6. run 3 miles (this one is new! Yay!)
6a slowly
6b very slowly. And maybe walking a half block or so.
7. recite the lyrics to that Joni Mitchell album someone left in my first apartment. When they were little, my kids loved that song about My analyst told me I was right out of my head. . . Also I got some great WOBBLY songs and Cornell fight songs from my mother. Also the Whiffenpoof song.

8. shout REALLY loud at dinner. My kids can hear me a half block away. All the way to the Flanders.

9. uh oh. I'm running out of talents. OH! Draw any formation of pork-based food. I taught so many illiterate Muslims over the years I learned to draw the food they should avoid. I can even do bacon strips in the package or cooked, ham, baked beans in the can or in a bowl. I could, of course, clip photos but what's the fun in that?

10. I used to grow fantastic pea plants but the dog and the squirrels eat them all now. Me and rhubarb though--I have the best patches, The stuff is spreading everywhere. and I think it's because of my last name. Someone told me that Rothwell England was once the capital of forced rhubarb. Or maybe it always grows like a weed in CT and MD, the two places I've grown it?

11. Imitate a midwestern accent. A glorious Wisconsin accent that might not fool anyone in that state or its neighboring states. Except that I tend to get stuck and unable to switch back to my standard mid-Atlantic.

12. Read books. Yessirree. I can read fast, too. Not something that could have counted as a talent a few years ago, but it's shocking to me how few people have the attention span for those things nowadays [does kvetching about these days count as a talent? No, I didn't think so].

13. Train dogs. I haven't done a fabulous job with our current mutt...okay so maybe I should change this one? How about rob banks? It's not one I've done before but I bet I'd be okay at it. I'm good under pressure. It's just about ten minutes later that I fall apart. But how do you plan for a bank full of nuns? Well, I guess we panicked, we all have taboos. They were like zebras, they had us confused.


  1. Rhubarb. Mines coming up. My absolute favorite kind of pie. Ever.

  2. John R5:56 PM

    WT# is "forced" rhubarb? I mean, I personally have to be forcibly made to eat the stuff, but....

    And that mid-Atlantic accent? Isn't that what they said Cary Grant had?

  3. You have waaaay more talents than me. Whoa.

    My v word was ugzsuxs. I swear it. The things is telling me uggs suck. They are the kissing cousins to Crocs.

  4. mm PIE, lisabea Or with custard sauce too. Mmmmm. A difficult fruit someone said. I say, pshaw. No worse than cranberries.

    John, I THINK forced rhubarb is grown in a hothouse. Too bad I love the idea of little whips and chairs and maybe strapping the rhubarb down.

    IF that first definition is true, I don't have a greenhouse so my talent is not truly Rothwellian after all.

    My neighbor made tsk tsk sounds when I bragged about our patch (now patches because I divided up some plants). Rhubarb? She is overrun with the stuff. SO I guess the dirt around here (acidic) is the plant's idea of a good time.

    Corn Dog? You display talent with every entry you write and I'm hoping you're writing again. Gotta go check...It's been the firedog and nothing but the firedog for a long time.

  5. "Too bad I love the idea of little whips and chairs and maybe strapping the rhubarb down."

    Kate: so is that why rhubarb is red?

    just sayin'.


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