an interview with me

I do love query tracker. If you're trying to find an agent, it rocks. Patrick updates his information almost before the agents do themselves. Not an exaggeration, some of those agency websites list agents who have moved on. Not Patrick.

Anyway, he likes to interview the people who find agents through his site. It's interesting how his questions focus on one book. Here's my interview.


  1. Interesting interview. Thanks for sharing. Your process sounds like mine. Just keep sending things out there--repeatedly--one story after another, assuming somebody will like one of them, and to prove you're prolific. Send until they can't ignore you or else tell you to please stop.

    Still waiting to hear back about the THREE partials with one agent, and several at others.

  2. I loved that interview. I'm ignant of what goes on in the publishing world. Very informative and witty.

  3. I've been too depressed to do anything but work by dribs and drabs on the new WiP. Anyway -- fun interview! And he has you down as a "success story"!


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