boy two would like to point out that sometimes

he calls me Marge. (What I'm called came up in another post) And he can fence, almost, so do NOT cross that boy. He has an epeeeeee of his own.


  1. Marge? Is that even your name?

  2. my first name is Margaret(only sales people use it). The boy was going through a monty python routine "I don't like being called eddie baby" and I drew the line at Marge which, of course, is now my name.

    Heh. that link has Czech subtitles.

  3. Hey, I love your soundtrack!

  4. OMG! That is the funniest skit. Loved it. I never watched Monty when he was popular because TV and I are not friends. Margaret, who would a thunk. I've decided to change my name to Wichita. Can't stand the real one any more. I think I'm going to do it legally too. Soon. Wichita Baby.


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