chapter four TUTGBBMCSMB

Yay! IT's UP AT LAST! Lovely Salome/Carrie Lofty's place.
I'd put up the appropriate list of all the chapters but Tumperkin's done that already.

In fact this great novel is all over the interwebs like the latest writer scandal, only with fewer comments. Thank god for that fewer comment point, eh? I mean seriously, the recent scandal is turning into a case of bunny stew calling the kettle obsessive boiled bunny ...never mind.

UPDATED TO ADD: I hadn't read Carrie's chapter--I had to post at once so I'd be on the cutting edge. Now I have read it.... and whoa! baby, that's some powerful magnificent prose, y'all.


  1. But Tumperkin says you beat me by 3 points (in my comments). All hail queen Kate!


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