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I'm finishing a book and am trying to get to the end with all bits tied up without being boring. I'm going back in earlier in the manuscript and resolving some stuff. No point in letting those loose ends dangle or get tied all at once. Kind of like a back-story dump, only at the back of the story.

But the writing I'm really excited about? Chapter three. Granted Tumperkin's done my plotting for me but it is a category so the plotting was truly done ages ago. The comforting appeal of the predictable book. Tied up ends for sure. Tied up beginnings and middles too. Kinky. Unfeasibly. And there will be a love nubbin.

Speaking of fluff entertainment, I watched The She Devil last night. The Fay Weldon book is way tougher and meaner. I kinda like the HEA for everyone, including the Bad Evil Mary Fisher and Ex-Husband, in the movie. Not something I'd want to pay money to see, but it helped me run my treadmillian miles happily.

I hope Beth's new job lets her do SBD. Maybe I should write to her bosses and explain she needs to have easy Mondays. Her fans require this.


  1. Hey Kate!
    I'm going to post chapter two tonight or tomorrow, so get ready!!

  2. Okay, it's up. I hope I left you off in a workable spot.


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