tchah, you people!

So there's a dumb little blog where a woman named for a Groucho Marx character wrote some short entries that add up to 'ebooks are stupid!' and everyone went to visit her and blast her and go all Eeeiiii.

THREE, count 'em, THREE writers' loops I belong to said omigod, go read her and blast her!

I did and now I say, jeepers why'd I click on that link? Hey, I'll bet that blogger is the one who instructed some poor excitable writer to go read and get outraged and spread the news.

Yo, stop going over there, you silly outrageees! Stay here! Read all about neuroses and cheetos. blast me! Or spend more time at Balls and Walnuts where you I can win valuable prizez (thanks, Doug).

If you do want to get the blood pressure shooting into the stratosphere, go read Karen or Jesus General or ferfe or someone else, anyone else, who's got an ounce o' brainy fun with their outrageous and/or strongly expressed opinions. Evidence of some brain pwr, people--look for it whilst surfing or you'll end up as dopey as Zelda. It's contagious as cooties, really.


  1. Yeah, yeah, come win prizez! not that I have an active contest, but who knows. I have Blogiversary III coming up. You never know what might happen.

  2. Yeah, I got sucked into reading that tripe too. Afterward, I had to take a shower to wash away the stench of my own stupidity for clicking the link in the first place. Bah.

  3. OMG! Someone said something offensive on the Internets! I thought it was an April Fool's joke.

  4. LOL... I was annoyed, but didn't figure I needed to leave a comment. Makes me wonder if she's trying to see how much traffic she can get to her five post (and terribly deep...NOT...) blog.


  5. I thought about ti afterward and smacked my forehead. I did exacttly what she wanted-got my blood pressure soaring and banged away a comment. People like her should be ignored. That's the best response to their stupidity. And I agree with Marianne who wionders if it's just to entice traffic. Well, she's lost me. I wiped her from my computer!

  6. Didn't even peek.
    I'm too horrified about an article in the NY Times about a hair salon caled "Toadly Kool Me" for kids that gives streaks and highlights to girls as young as ten. Already the name has me gagging, but streaks on pre-teens? Why not just buy them a pair of platform shoes, a mini skirt, and send them out on the street???

    See, This sort of thing drives me Crazy.

  7. I totally think it is this person's way to gain attention. She saw people get all worked up over at Karen Scott's blog and wanted some of that for herself, so who better to piss off than ebook authors.

    Not worth my time to read such drivel. And it is not worth anyone else's either.


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