the list.....which should he pick?

Here're the schools my kid got into:
UConn, Colby, Colgate, William and Mary, Brandeis.

Ask him which he wants to attend. Go on, I dare you. Naw, no fair--he's not going to snarl I don't effing know at you. He's polite to strangers. In fact he might even take advice from 'em.

So go ahead and give him advice and recommendations. I'm waiting. Operators are standing by.

(and if you say UConn, I say yes, I'm with you, good idea. Five years at UConn equals about 1 year anywhere else. Doesn't that seem reason enough to pick it if you don't have a serious preference? No?)


  1. Well, two of my cousins, brother and sister, were a year apart but she took a year on an international program and then they went to college the same time and compared notes. She went to Yale. He went to Colby. After the first year they both agreed that he was working harder and getting a more rigorous education.

    But that was like 25 years ago, so who knows.

    They all seem like good places. And yeah, if he doesn't know and doesn't care, UConn is cheaper and he/you can save the money for grad school.

    And congratulations to Kid1 on getting into such swell schools, wherever he goes!

  2. I have no opinion or knowledge about any of those schools. Most of the parents I know w/ college age kids have the following philosophy: We will pay for an Ivy League education if you can get in; we will not pay those prices for an out of state state university. So either go to Harvard et al., or go to a school in the UM system.

    Is that reasonable? I dunno.

  3. Anonymous3:54 PM

    I say he's got great bargaining position for support right through grad school if he goes to UConn. And face it, he's brilliant and will do great wherever he goes.

    Have him research specific faculty he might want to study with. He's a mentor's dream and if someone big takes him under wing he could fly.

    Proud Uncle

  4. WOW! Congratulations to your son and you.

  5. I don't effing know either, but how cool to get five accepts! He'll be thinking "Do I go and leave everything I know and risk pastures new, or stay local where I can still come home (and get free food and laundry done for me) if things get tough?"

    I know I chose a Uni four hours drive away - close enough to get home for a weekend if I needed to clear out of dorms, but far enough away that no locals could tell my parents what I was up to.

    Brandeis is really good.

  6. Well, if he can sing there is always the Colgate 13. They toured all the way to St. Thomas when I lived there and I got the most awful crush on the lead singer...

    And CONGRATS!!!

  7. The Accepted3:20 PM

    I would rather go to UConn and get a good education than go to Harvard and get my throat cut...

  8. But Harvard has the live Rocky Horror Picture Show midnight show, in costume, every Saturday night and is the bestest fun Eva! Plus, the Squirrels on the grounds are really friendly and fat because the students feeds them fries. I never felt scared around Harvard Square, only poor.


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