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He never actually decided, at least not the way I think of deciding. The hold-your-place money's due in a couple of days** so I said, "hey kid, I'm writing a check to Uconn." And he said, "fine, okay," in a thoroughly indifferent voice.

A few minutes later I came back into the room where he was reading. "I changed my mind. I'm writing a check to Colby."
He actually looked up from his book and said, "No! no, don't."
I said, "Okay. Then I'll write it to Brandeis."
He shook his head.
"William and Mary? No? I think Colga--"
He sighed. "Just stop."

So. That did it. He's been celebrating and says he has a sense of relief since then, and he did make a real list of reasons to go to Uconn. (1. Boat-load of friends enrolled at Uconn)

Anyway I think it's a good thing. Just having something new to fret and/or nag about will be good.


**and for most places you have to mail it. Have you ever heard of anything so primitive?


  1. Well, that's one way of sucking a decision out of him. I think I'll try that with my dinner suggestions tonight. "Well then, how about squid ink penne with ginger and mango sauce?"


  2. He can learn to be a professional puppeteer, if he so chooses...

  3. Congratulations!
    Good for you, Andrew!
    love from lots of your family...

  4. Ok Uconn. I guess that is no where near UC Berkeley. I'm sorry.

  5. Berzerkly! that's where my husband was an undergrad.

  6. I have to remember that one for ten years from now.


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