yeah, the end of the contest

It will end the end of November. So you have to enter by, ummmmmm November 24 so I can put up finalists and let you pick. By then I will have nabbed a judge, figured out a system, decided how to do it, I hope. Even if you don't enter, read them because there are good ones already. Yay!

. . .and I wasn't going to do the LWRanting thing, but this is too good, because anyone, right or left, might wake up at 2 am and try to figure out WTF? Is Reese being subtle? I think he or she is an Onion writer who got bored. Being gay has nothing to do with gay sex, dammit.


  1. They are good, aren't they?
    I stuck a link on my site to the contest. I hope you get a ton of entries!

  2. I love yours, btw.
    thanks for putting the link. I want more, more, MORE [demonic laughter].

    I love rioting contests.


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