Jackie has more energy in her pinky than I do in my entire bod. She is what my high school pal would call "a craaaaazy woman!"--you have to say that in a voice filled with awe and envy. Things happen to Jackie Ivie. She is a grandmother but probably the hottest one on the planet. Handsome men she's never met walk up to her and suggest she spend the rest of her life with them She's what a romance writer is supposed to be: bubbly, gorgeous, exuberant and slightly intimidating. Or maybe that's just cause she's tall? Also, she's a really good artist.

Thirteen Things about Jackie Ivie by Jackie Ivie:

1 - I live in Alaska. All that sunshine in the summer and all that that warmth, and the scenery - and I'm telling you Alaska has no equal. Here're a few truisms.

This time of year...:

The break of dawn is something like...11:30 a.m.

If a tree starts moving, it's connected to a VERY large moose.

Studded tires are legal in mid-September until mid-May! ...because you just never know when it might snow. Or not.

And get this - Anchorage Alaska is in the Top ten cities with the most gorgeous men. That's right, ladies. And heck, I didn't even vote in that poll!

2 - I'm sort of a busy sort. I usually have something with me to do. And so many things going, that I call myself the Queen of Unfinished Projects. It's a curse...and it's fun. I crochet, research, knit, write, draw, write, play piano, classical cello, read, write, do cross-stitch, play with and walk dogs, and did I mention that I write? And this is in my free time.

3 - I work full time. As a manager. Of a postal station. It's a fairly large postal station. I consider it more of a coaching job, and I have a complex, wonderful team. They make me look like the wizard of management most days. And the rest of the time, somebody is messing with the scoreboard or something.

4 - I am a grandma! My oldest son, Josh, and his wife have blessed me with two lovely grand-daughters and a grand-son, (and they're Texans! Isn't that rad?)

5 - I'm extremely near-sighted. That's right. Without my contacs I have a range of about 2 inches that I can see clearly. OK. I exaggerated. it's really only about 3/4 of an inch. I've been in corrective lenses since the first grade. (I was 6). Now, THAT'S near-sighted! I wear reading glasses atop my contacs when I sew, read, write, do computer work etc. etc. When I'm wearing my "real" glasses and my reading glasses, I look like something out of a science movie. which does bring me to #6

6 - My son, Ben. He's cute. He calls me "super geek" in my double glasses. He's a 6 foot, 6 paramedic up here, and I'm biased, but he's definitely one of the afore-mentioned Anchorage Alaskan males. Single still, too, ladies.

7 - I have four children. Two sons and then two daughters. I had them four years apart. I thought it would make it harder for them to fight. (It didn't. All that happened was the winner was decided from the outset. They were bigger), I also had this idea that having each child in their separate time would make each phase longer-lasting and enjoyable (which was true - and yes. even the teenage years. Add that up. 4 kids, four years apart. That's 22 years of teenage parenting)

8 - (this is starting to be about kids, but hey, I have 13 items). Kim is my oldest daughter. She's in college, studying all kinds of things that would never appeal to her mother. Biology, science, stuff like that. She's very talkative. When her little sister was born, she once complained to me (she was about 5) that her little sister was always trailing her and following her and listening. And I asked her if having her own personal fan to hang on every word was a bad thing. She thought about it, brightened, and I don't think she's ceased talking to her sister since.

9 - and the baby is Jolene. (yes. We have the Dolly Parton song "Jolene" on CD. Her friend even put it on her IPOD). I instructed that kid to cease growing up and stay exactly like she was, but she just couldn't do it. She's priceless - but all of them are.

10 - I have the entire Barbara Cartland collection - the numerical ones published by Bantam. They have their own cabinet! I loved those romances when I first found them as a teen, and I didn't stop collecting them until I had them all. I still read them sometimes (in order). They take about 60-90 minutes to read. Each. Great quick escapes and they're still chock-full of of what I call "historical tone".

11 - I was the editor of my Middle School newspaper. (I was the shy geek). I got the highest position in our journalism class by silent vote. We'd write daily observations as an assignment and then get them critiqued. Kind-a like romance writer groups do now. Hmm.....

12 - I never quit believing. Ever. I knew my books would be out there. I just had to close my eyes to see myself walking into a bookstore (incognito) to just smile and walk the aisles and there I'd be! That was my vision. For 22 years. It rarely dimmed (although it did waver), but I knew I'd be there. I believed it so strongly that it was a surprise to receive a rejection. (and I got a lot of surprises, believe me.)

13 - My husband is NOTHING like my romance heros. (although he is 6 foot 7 inches tall. There the resemblance ends) Every single hero I dream up comes to life from what the heroine needs/wants/desires. My heroes have to be the "larger-than-life", "alpha", "always wins no matter what the odds" type, and that takes rippling muscle (lots and lots of that!), great legs (I write kilt-clad Highlanders, you know) eyes so soulful, they'll melt hearts, and a visage handsome enough it gets them sighed over, and often embarrasses them. And then I'm putting them in breath-stealing scenes with a heroine strong enough to tame them. Until these two, who are so perfect for each other, reach their HEA.

Oh yeah. When that happens, Jackie Ivie is a very happy woman!

updated with link to Jackie The Goddess of Steam article and a random picture of Jackie I stole from her flickr account.


  1. I love that idea that the hero meets the heroine's needs, not the author's. Because it's true for me. My hubby would only make a great romance hero for me, and I'm not sure I'd want to be with any of the dudes I write. Well, except for Will. He's dreamy.

    Loved the interview -- informal, funny. Good stuff.

  2. Tracy MacNish1:03 PM

    Jackie Ivie rules.

  3. Wow - Jackie is a grandmother! That just don't seem right.

  4. the woman obviously had her babies when she was about ten years old.

  5. Ember Case10:18 PM

    Twenty two years of parenting teenagers?


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