why haven't you entered the contest?

What's your excuse?
You might write 400 words about WHY you WON'T enter the Contest. Or you could enter the contest.
Any minute now I'll design a button that'll knock your sox off. Hey, and I will give away Bosnian Sox. Even Bam doesn't do that. Heaven knows I have enough pairs of 'em.

so LOOK!
You'd win:
* a pair of Bosnian Sox
* a book with a Big Secret in it (I have one all picked out) or one of mine.
* $20 to spend on more books with or without big secrets.
* A gorgeous e-button declaring you are a champion pro writer.


  1. So, how many times can one enter?


  2. Hey! I was going to ask that.

    I love my Bosnian Sox I won the last time. LOVE THEM LOVE THEM LOVE THEM.
    Next one...I'll do it.
    Oh my excuse....abdominal hysterectomy...I think it's a good one.


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