Signs You're Becoming Too Picky

You stop reading a book less than a chapter in when the author uses the words "tup" and "aye" several times on the same page. Maybe the next contest should be whiny nitpicks?

(Sign #2: You Give Up on a Book when a main character looks in the mirror so the author could jam in physical description. Whilst in heroine's POV there are words like "lovely, silken mane" "deep hazel orbs" etc. Maybe that one doesn't go under the heading of "You're Too Picky")

But no, it might be more fun to do a Early Signs That Indicate You Might Love a Book contest. (Sign #1: the author makes sly, tiny reference to a movie that lasted two weeks in the theaters and that you loved)

Go ahead and enter my other, real contest but seriously, can you think of anything that you know will be an instant turn off or turn on for you as a reader?

work, work, work.

Early Signs That Indicate You Might Hate a Blog -- sign #1: blogger makes obvious attempts to gather comments.


  1. I'm reading, well it's in my stack and I'm ignoring it now, a Madeline Hunter that was recommended to me. She says "however" 3 times on the same page!!!!!!!!!! Isn't there another word? The thesarus offers the following: after all, all the same, anyhow, be that as it may, but, despite, for all that, howbeit, in spite of, nonetheless, notwithstanding, on the other hand, per contra, though, withal, without regard to, yet. GRRRRRRR.

    Hey. Nice comment gathering tool. Cuz here I am.

  2. Crap. Thesaurus is what I meant. Not "get a dictionary, Lisabea, for crying out loud".

  3. Kate:

    I really hate the blogs that end all the posts with 'And what do you think about my freckles?" or whatever in an obvious attempt to get comments.

    I've done it myself, and I am ashamed.

    But sometimes you really want to know!

    I like blogs that have opinions and personality. Go figure.

    And I have an irrational dislike of the words "solar" (as in medieval room) and "mayhap."

  4. Tracy MacNish10:38 AM

    Hi, Kate! I saw your post and I just HAD to respond! I'm Tracy, and I love romance novels, big comfy chairs with lots of good, soft light, crackling fires, and warm brandy.

    My turn-ons are books that make me forget I'm reading in the first two pages or so, lots of gritty description done in lyrical prose, dialogue that rings so true I can hear the character speaking, and a strong narrative grip.

    My turn-offs are info-dump, lazy, passive writing, a wanton ignorance of the basics of grammar, structure, and style, and most of all, writers who remind me on every page why the romance genre doesn't garner much respect, leading me to feel both embarrassed and insulted that she and I are in the same profession.

    If you feel the same as I, like to drink coffee and have a love of all things Ivory, Chase, and Brockway, let's exchange pix and info!

  5. wait. was that for real?

  6. I don't like heroes who golf. I don't know why, I think it's an old man aversion thing. Golfers turn me off. I've not yet met a hot golfer.

    And I ticked other in your sidebar poll because lately I've been reading a lot of travel-logs.

  7. Things that make my reading hackles raise - shallow POV the dives back and forth into deep POV.
    Description we don't need.
    Words other than 'said' or 'cried'.

    The heroine is introduced along with her last name on the first page.
    Sylvia Evans looked up as the door slammed.


    She tossed her silvery blond hair behind her back as Mark walked in.


    "What do you want?" she snarled.

    I get all that on page one, and I close the book, and toss it in the recycle bin.

  8. Oh Sam - you've been reading my mail!

    Can I second your ENTIRE list and add one?

    Heroines who lift their chins defiantly.

  9. Oh and I love blogs that seek comments.

  10. Repetition.

    Tell me ONCE, goddammit. I'll get it the first time -- I don't need every plot-point explained four times. I'm not nearly as dumb as I look. :p

  11. lisabea, I agree! Pain in the ASS. but Um. The repeated word thing is part of my life. I'd be in my glass house throwing rocks

    Megan, YOU don't have freckles. But those glasses are cute as can be.

    Tracy. You make me laugh my ass off. That is the main reason I married my husband. Watch out or I'll change my sexual orientation just to chase after you. And how the hell can you not write books that are the funny thing?

    Lyvvie. The clothes. THat's why and its reason enough. Oy. But PG wodehouse golf stories are worth reading.

    Sam, what Tumperkin opined. heh.

    I found a chin raise accompanied by a hair toss in my manuscript and couldn't believe I'd done that. Granted it was a ten year old girl but still. . .Someone came along and PUT THAT in there while I was sleeping.

    Yeah, what you said, Selah. Yessirree, you're right. You got it. [okay, no more with the easy crappy humor. sorry]

  12. BUT what about the good things? Like maybe Suisan reading a book about the circus and knowing the person had done real research.

    Or um. See????? They aren't as easy to find. I can't think of anything. Except I like getting fooled. I love it when a character I figure is stock cardboard morphs into someone real. Anyone who can do that in the first chapter has me hooked.

    It's about the people--yeah, almost more than the plot. I can forgive wandering plots if the people doing the wandering are fun to hang with.

  13. Selah: Plot points repeated repeatedly? Welcome to the book I'm reading now: Nauti Nights. I'm this close, this close I tell you, to throwing it against the wall. The wall, I say. She says. Again.

  14. Hey, I just read a book with this.
    "At once?" she asked
    "Okay, I'm ready." She shut her eyes. "Now."

    It would have slipped right past me but then I thought of you, Selah.

    Heh. Now I can think of Lisabea tossing that book over and over. No, getting CLOSE to tossing it again and again, maybe.

  15. Yeah, yeah, that's not what you meant, I know, I know. You're talking about a fact that's mentioned in chapters one, six and nine. And then summarized again aloud by the heroine when she discovers it in chapter 12.

    But still, that was fun.

  16. You're feelin' feisty today, aren't you Kate?

    I wonder how feisty's wife feels about that...


    *slinks away*

  17. Tracy MacNish2:45 PM

    Kate, I emailed you a reply a while back, and I hope your old computer didn't eat it.

    Funny books are hard, and I'm just not that clever. I'll keep making people upset - I'm good at it and it's fun!


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