Combination post! Rioting AND LW Rant

Naw, I won't bother reprinting. I mean someone else has gone through all the work and I got nothing to add, so just go look at Lisabea's blog post about Suze Brockman.
okay, here:
Summary of Suzanne Brockman statement:
what part of love don't you understand?

Summary of the information in the post:
Suzanne Brockman is wonderful.

don't forget to enter the contest--link on the right. (Yeah, too lazy to even link the contest.)


  1. That bitch sooo rocks my world.

  2. However. It might be kind of nice I spelled your name right. Oops

  3. whatevs. The message is the important part.

  4. FYI, my review of Water for Elephants is up. I do love that book.

    Warning: some recycling took place.

  5. I'll have to let the contest idea incubate. BTW, did you ever see my Bare Rump post for bam? I wonder whatever happened to that. I guess I didn't win!

    I've never wrestled a girl. Groped as part of touch football, but no wrestling, not even GF v1.0, who was able-bodied enough to wrestle. Just didn't seem like a fun thing to do.

  6. Favorite comfort read: I've gone back to reading the hard-boiled stuff. James Crumley, and now Martin Cruz Smith. I keep meaning to get back to romances, but I had a yen for protags with frozen hearts.

  7. Thanks for reposting the review, Suisan. It's enough to make me buy the book.

    Doug, those are what Mike loves too. I wonder why it is that you guys find those icy dudes so attractive?


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