two minutes in the car with a curmudgeon (in training)

Radio announcer: our guest is mumbledyIveforgotten noted expert on Norman Mailer . . .Mailer was really the very first literary celebrity. I suppose it could be argued that Ernest Hemingway was, he became famous and learned to use the limelight.

First? Bullshit! What about Dickens, eh? His tours of America? Ha! Or Mark Twain and his white suits? You’re full of shit.

...Mailer invented a new form of literature, combining the creativity of fiction with non-fiction.

Oh you are so full of it. It wouldn’t hurt to know some history of the trade, ya moron. Those Victorian papers could make a break-in sound like a death scene in an Opera. Why don’t you do some research, you—

Kid in back seat:
Can we please listen to music? It's too early for this.


  1. You're lucky your son let's you listen to NPR.


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