SBD--end of the Ankh Morpork road

uh oh.

I'm nearly done with Terry Pratchett, as in I'm running out of his books. Astoundingly, I am NOT done loving those books. Even though, duh, he's got repetitive character types (Cynical, corrupt, weary sergeant with the uncorrupted heart, naive but powerful young male, all-knowing, mysterious, cynical puppetmaster, petty stupid gods, etc.) I am not annoyed by any of them.

I can't remember ever managing more than five books by an author and not getting fed up with him or her. Either style or repetition got to me. Not the author's fault, for heaven's sake. Books aren't supposed to be read like that. Total Glomming is unnatural! It's like hearing one person's voice droning on for days and days and days. I think I did manage a Total Glom with Heyer but petered out when I got to her mysteries.

But anyway. You'd think Pratchett--especially Pratchett with his winking, obvious author's intrusions and his footnotes that require me to find my glasses--would be on the list of writers who'd be annoying after three or so books. How about forty something books and I want more?

I don't want to go back to romance for a while, maybe next week.

So what should someone who's done all of diskworld in a couple of months move on to next?

Actually I have a bio of Boss Tweed lined up. That might be nice. My kid bought it and he's almost done with. Some people like to go to games with their kids or to art galleries or malls together. My oldest kid and I share a joy in corrupt politics. I'd bet he's all for reading about Nixon, but that's too real for me. Ugh.


  1. Oh No, I finished my last Pratchett novel last month and am deep into withdrawl. I'll have to go back and read some of my favorites:
    Guards Guards!
    The Night Watch
    The Last Continent

    He's a bloody genius, he is.

    Can you tell I'm editing a book written in Australia? lol

    Well, if you don't know Martha Grimes, you can go get hooked on her books.

  2. I do know Martha Grimes, I think. Doesn't she always have a precocious little girl character? And a spoiled gorgeous woman? The girl is new every book, but maybe the woman's the same person repeated. I read a couple of those books and said, okay, that was fun, but enough for now.

    Maybe I'll go see if that's who I think it is. And maybe I'll see if I can manage to do It All Again.

  3. Okay, I know you said you're off romance for a while, but I just discovered a historical romance novelist that really does it for me.
    Penelope Williamson wrote historicals in the mid nineties and now does suspense. She doesn't appear to have a web site. I looked because I wanted to contact her and gush at her.

    Read my two blog posts to find out more about PW's books. (oh, right, I'm too stupid to know how to create a link in the comments section. So here's the link:

  4. Boss Tweed! I love corrupt 19th and 20th century politics! Especially compared to corrupt twenty-first century politics. Give me innocent, optimistic scandals of the good old days like the inept presidency of Ulysses S. Grant and Teapot Dome, or the yellow journalism of William Randolph Hearst and the Spanish American war over the corrupt presidency of GWB and Haliburton or the yellow journalism of Rupert Murdoch and the Iraq war.

    Anyway, what I'm trying to say is: It sounds like a good book.

  5. I've ordered "Making Money", and am hoping it will arrive tomorrow morning. That would be awesome.

  6. Have you gotten to Good Omens? I assume so, but if not get it RIGHT NOW because it's amazing. It went through all four of us at the Roth-Smith household in about three days.

    Also, Happy Thanksgiving to you and the rest of the family up there.

  7. Hmm...Connie Willis, maybe? Like, To Say Nothing of the Dog. Or always and especially Bellwether. Not the same kind of world-building fantasy but a companionable sly humor, at least in some of her books.

    Will think further on this.

  8. Favorite TP: Guards Guards,
    Moving Pictures and Small Gods. And Reaper Man. And the Tiffany Aching series RULES THEM ALL.

    Christopher Moore has a new book and my girlie loved it and read it at the Newark airport last night. Yes. We were there for a little while. I could have rented a car, driven to Bradley, picked up my car, then driven home in the time I sat on my butt in Newark. But I'm not compaining.
    Happy Turkey.


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