two more random alerts

both of these are old biddy sorts of info. Doesn't mean it isn't valuable, okay? One doesn't sneer at the wisdom of Mrs. Cosmopilite.

ALERT ONE: Freecycle is great. I just got a month's worth of nutrisystem diet stuff from someone who'd ordered it and decided she didn't like it. **

this leads to:

ALERT TWO: Nutrisystem food, at least the batch I picked up the other day, is Horrible. Thank you, Sue! I'd wondered for a long time about one of these diet plan thingies. I'm too cheap to buy and this was free so why not?

This stuff tastes worse than cardboard and I should know because I eat cardboard every morning (13 grams of fiber!) and rather like it.

I'm probably going to freecycle (ahhh, new verbs. always a fun way to torture language purists) this big old honking box of meals. Maybe it'll make its way slowly around the Hartford area, down a dinner here and there, until everyone who ever thought about ordering this crap is . . . satisfied. No wasted money, no wasted "food."

**Her husband suggested they save it in case of some kind of emergency. The stuff doesn't need refrigeration, after all. She pointed out to him that he'd eat the dog before he'd touch the Nutrisystem boxes. Apparently he agreed because that stuff went out of their lives and into mine. (It's not a large dog so they'll only last a day or two.)


  1. We have freecycle here in Paris too - the people on the list are terribly into it. There are posts that run like this:
    "Saw a red bike in the garbage dump at rue Laperle, it only has one wheel, but I'm sure it can be salvaged."

    "I have a whole box of magazines (various types) from about ten years ago. I'm leaving them on the corner of such and such a rue..."

    "Wanted - laptop. Anyone with a laptop they don't any more contact me. (In good working order please.)


  2. Marianne McA6:41 PM

    I joined freecycle because I had the impression that I was always throwing away stuff that was Good Enough To Be Useful, and after being a member for several months realise that the only things I throw away are broken, or grubby or too trivial to mention.

    Sam, you're so right about the wanted section. People are always asking, seemingly completely shamelessly, for large and expensive things.
    Here they usually provide some sort of excuse 'exercise machine because I need to lose weight for an operation', but if they're forever asking and never donating, I always start to wonder.


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