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Huh. Blogger keeps sending me my old posts via email. Maybe it's trying to spit them out.

Vote in the contest. Now.

Yesterday I screwed up. I left a comment meant for a particular post not only at the wrong post but the wrong blog. But this made me wonder... could one guess what blog a comment comes from? I can think of a few places that invite a very particular sort of response:

1. That's way more than I want to know about snot or viruses. Get back to butts, okay?

2. LOLOLOL, oh you're so wonderful when you're horrible. {{{grovelling}}}}

3. But once you've got that mousetrap attached to the nipple, is it possible to add a little electricity?

4. No, don't hold back. Why don't you tell us what you really think about South Florida drivers?

5. 1980s mantitty again? You're too good to us.

can you match the (pretend) comments to the blogs? Mistress Matisse, SBTB, ferfelabat, Miss Snark, Doug-----but jumbled. Which goes where?


Also an update from someone who has a clearer memory for family lore, a better version of the original greyhound bus gift story, as described in the footnote of this blog post:

"David, pick up your goddamn greyhound bus"
"Oh no, Mommy, it's not my goddamn greyhound bus, it's your goddamn greyhound bus."

The wrong family member blogs, I think.


  1. 1. Doug

    4. Ferfelebat

    5. SBTB

    And I think 2. must be Miss Snark, so is 3. Mistress Matisse?

    I haunt Fugly Horse of the Day a lot, and I'm imagining what a misplaced comment from over there would look like on a writer's blog. Talk about a head scratcher.

  2. clearly I needed to make it harder!

    And why not a Fugly Horse comment on a writer's blog? It would be fun. Someone would think it was new jargon and maybe "horse" could be something like the drug it already is.

    Ooo. Fugly Horse = nasty contract that a desperate writer settles for because she wants to be published no matter what.

  3. Tracy MacNish12:32 PM

    HEY - I loved your comment. It felt vague and yet deeply, profoundly meaningful. I read it like four times, as as I did, I was thinking, "she's telling me SOMETHING." It was like a 'duck walks under the blue moon' kind of moment. All in all, not the worst part of my day.

    And then I found out it was a mistake, which was even more fun!

  4. It's your last name. Seems Scottish so you'd care deeply about what Maili had to say. Where the hell is Maili, anyway?

    I'm tarred tarred tarred of people disappearing from the internet as if they had real lives.

  5. So I blogged. For YOU. Now go be appreciative.

  6. how about competitive? it's a form of appreciation, maybe?

  7. 4 is definitely me. Should you ever want me to delete a screwed up comment on my blog just yip. They are cute as hell, though AND it got Selah off her ass to blog.

  8. Macnish sounds like the family name of those Scots Jews.

    Oh, wait. That's MacKnish. Sorry!

    (Snarky enough for ya, Kate?)

    But I'm truly off my game, sweetie. That's why this post went right past me. The head cold kicked my ass last night, I was in the OR today, and this is the first chance I've had to check my own blog, let alone my pals' blogs.

    And you're right, this was a way too easy quizlet.

  9. Tracy MacNish9:21 AM

    MacNish is a fine, proud Scottish name, and I'll lay you the tartan and the island to prove it, you snotty hooligan.

    Tracy MACNISH


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