Thursday Thirteen--Leigh Wyndfield

Before we get started with this week's author, housekeeping.
1. ENTER THE CONTEST. I mean, honestly, just because the current entries rock doesn't mean you should give up. I'm counting on you--don't make my numbers look bad in comparison to that Bam.

2. Speaking of Bam, chapter two of Bettie's book is up. Go get hooked.

I've only read the first couple of chapters of one of Leigh's books--I've got another on my tbr pile and it's rising to the top. I know I like her style because I want to read more of that first story (tough shit for me, it' s not finished, yet) but that's not why I'm putting her in. I'm doing it because I flipping like her. I've even talked to her on the phone and she's got this glorious southern accent--and she's funny for other reasons, too. Here's why she's up today of all days: she had TWO BOOKS out last week.

Two For the Money at Loose-Id
Desert Heat at Samhain [okay I like 99.9 percent of Sammy's covers but ...what is that guy looking at?]

UPDATED:I've started to read Desert Heat and HOLY JEEBUS, IT'S HOT, and what's particularly appealing is that she shows us two main characters who are strong people. No victims here. Okay...shhh. They're in the cave and about to get to work.

Thirteen things about Leigh Wyndfield by Leigh Wyndfield:
  1. I love my two cats more than I love most of my extended family. Even the dumb one, who is currently sitting with his tail in my ice cream.
  2. The second I’m alone in my house – I mean the millisecond the door shuts – I rush up the stairs, turn on the water in the tub, find a book, pour a drink of some sort and jump in. Then I carefully watch the clock while I take a bath for the whole time people are gone. Minutes before they return, I jump back out, drain the water and dress. After six years, I suspect my husband is on to me, but I’m not completely sure and he’s never outright asked.
  3. My sister is a wonderful artist. When we went on long trips in the car as children, she would spend hours drawing really life like versions of me with a pig nose or greasy hair or a million other variations which have left me with serious hang-ups to this day.
  4. When the phone rings, I often don’t pick up. It’s not personal, I just don’t like talking on it unless I’m in the mood.
  5. I have a fetish for purses and shoes that I must control ever since I quit my job to write full time. Let’s face it, no matter what size you are, your purses always fit! [editorial aside: Darla, Shirley, Beth and many others praise The Shoe. Makes me wonder what is it with footwear and writers? Perhaps my lack of shoe obsession is holding me back--kate.]
  6. I hurt my back so badly, I lost half an inch in height. I wasn’t all that concerned until I went to Weight Watchers and found out I have more weight to lose. What a bummer.
  7. My grandmother was a serious packrat and sadly, I’ve inherited her tendency to horde. Recently my best friend came over to help me do a clean sweep on my closet which still had skirts in it from high school. I ended up sneaking a couple of them back out of the bags for the Goodwill after she went home.
  8. I just had my website rebuilt by a professional! Check it out and let me know what you think!
  9. When I get stressed out, I eat sweets. Lots of them. With whipped cream on top! I gained ten pounds recently when we moved. Don’t send me emails saying you can’t tell. The scale doesn’t lie.
  10. I have two step kids whom I adore. Except when they roll their eyes at me and give me smart-aleck answers, then I remember why I decided I didn’t have the patience to have children of my own.
  11. Every year, I complete my Christmas shopping by the first week of December, wrapping and all. That allows me to relax and enjoy the holidays. [editor's note: See? what did I say? Overachiever.]
  12. My story ideas always come to me when I’m laying in bed, half asleep. I see my stories like videos in my head and will jump up and run to my PC to write the story down before it fades away. When this happens and I’m not at home, I’ll spend hours in hotel bathrooms, writing on scraps of paper until the whole scene is recorded, then I can go back to sleep.
  13. After saying for years I would never write a ménage, I wrote a ménage, once again proving the old adage “never say never.” TWO FOR THE MONEY just came out on October 30th!


  1. The mystery to me is how you can resist shoes. :) In my defense, though, it's one of the very few girly things I do.

    Thanks for interviewing Leigh Wyndfield--she's been on my to-look-for list ever since I LOVED her story in Secrets 12.

  2. I don't do the shoe thing either, Kate. Take heart.

    And I've contracted with Stone Creek to redesign my website too. Fingers crossed it looks as nice as yours!

  3. Great interview - and Leigh - I LOVE your site! Gorgeous!!!
    Congrats for the new books - they look intriguing!

  4. I loved working with StoneCreek!! They're really great there.

    Shoes are wonderful - sigh. I'm going on the 29th up to the factory outlets with my best friend and I'm going to buy TWO sets of boots. TWO!!! (insane laughter here) Low and tall boots. Still deciding on color, but for sure black on the low ones. It's been all I can do not to buy new boots sooner, but my income = factory outlet with coupon LOL!

    Darla - thanks for saying you loved Secrets 12! I re-read that story the other day and caught myself laughing at my heroine all over again when she talked to herself. It was almost as if that was a story I didn't write, it's been so long.

    (blogger won't let me post this as me :)

  5. Eek! and it posts my comment as me anyway - LOL! Crazy blogger!

  6. Number twelve is exactly the way I operate, too. In that half-sleep state in early morning everything that needs to happen next in the story becomes clear. I see books like movies, too, and I also go to my computer and jot down those thoughts first thing in the morning.

  7. Congrats on your two releases, Leigh!

    And I'm glad I'm not the only one with movies in my head.

  8. I have an author in my brainstorming group who doesn't see her stories as movies. I've found myself feeling so sad for her, since that's one of the coolest parts of my job. Remember that scene in The Shawshank Redemption where Andy Dufresne gets put in solitary and comes out perfectly fine? He says he's listening to music in his head. I had this weird revelation that I'd be fine in solitary too because I have all these stories in my head to keep me company. Anyone know what I mean?

  9. yeah, but my stories are all words, not movies. words, words, words. I can't SEE it unless I concentrate and that's what I have to do when I write the scene stuff.

    Also, I sometimes long for solitary confinement..

  10. Yeah - heh - I would love to be locked up by myself, especially if I had Oprah's personal chef feeding me and lots of books I've never read stacked to the ceiling!!

  11. Anonymous8:20 PM

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