cleared to do lite exercise

I am celebrating. Note to self: never again whine about exercise. At least not for a week or so. Plus the month-long headache is gone. I am standing down from code red. (The doctor said, "Call 911 if you get a headache. Call 911 if your chest hurts. Call 911 if someone looks at you funny...Okay, now let's check that bp again. Huh. It's gone even higher. I wonder why that is?" My bp was at 200/113 at one point. Generally lower than that, but not enough)

I think I'll do one better than Homeland Security and step all the way down to code chartreuse, a sort of yellow green. Mostly yellow and not green. My green days are over. Ahhhhh, salad days behind me, days of nothing but salad ahead....


  1. Anonymous1:37 PM

    So you are cleared for exercise. May I recommend swimming laps: no wear and tear on the ole joints; lots of old ladies at the pool means there isn't any possibility of work out envy; can go any pace; (and my personal favorite) you don't have to talk/listen to anyone cuz your face is under water. I love it.

    ps I'm too lazy for spell check today, so excuse any typing issues. Also can't get blogger to take my FREAKING password.

  2. Glad you're in the safe zone. that's some scary stuff. And a month-long headache sounds terribly debilitating. I don't know how you got anything done let alone dealt with kids.


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