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I should have known from the tone of the NPR thing that Mailer was dead. I didn't listen long enough to figure that out. Bye, Norman Mailer. Thanks for the Village Voice. Other than that? Dunno.


  1. I met Mailer in my freshman year when he visited our college campus to speak to the student body. He was drunk, lewd, obnoxious and smelled bad. We booed him soundly, which he seemed to find amusing. Which...you know...he could've thrown his glass of scotch at us, so I guess that's a point in his favor.

    His writing? Meh. I'd rather read Hemingway, and only if there's not a cereal box or a car maintenance manual handy.

  2. Ohh Kate! "I should have known...Mailer was dead." Excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor. ROTFL!


  3. Selah, I had a middle school teacher who LOVED the man. That teacher was a Man's Man and boy howdy, he was obnoxious.

    Michelle, yeah, well the solemn, hushed tone really should have tipped me off, except I was already tipped off the edge. Blahblahblah, as my kid said.

  4. and Selah, some of today's best writing is on cereal boxes. And there's really good writing in some of those Cheerios boxes (the kids' books).

  5. Meh, who cares. Not one of my idols. I drank a toast to Vonnegut, but Mailer, I'll take an extra gulp of water with my evening meds.


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