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Thanks for the book recommendations! I know they're great reads because I've read just about everything you suggested except the Tiffany Aching books. Yay! Something new to pick up. Uh oh, this time of year, it can't be for me. I do hope the boys don't mind yet another a Greyhound bus** Christmas present.

I resented the hell out of To Say Nothing of the Dog because I'd just finished writing a manuscript about a time travel bureaucracy when I read it. And Willis's book is so good, and funny and Wodehousian--so much better--I had to hate it. (It did make me go back and try to read JKJ's Three Men in a Boat again. Nope. Still can't stay awake for that book)

Speaking of good reading, go look at the entries. THE CONTEST IS STILL OPEN. And pity the poor fool who has to pick the best three. Make it more difficult by adding more great entries, eh? Contest ends in a few days! Work on it! Do it! Write it! Four more, three more, two more....

Then you guys have to pick the best of the three.

Rachel or Alan: if you guys are reading this, and your family hasn't gotten an effusive, happy thank you note from my kids, let me know. The Gift will be put on hold. Tough love. Also please tell your mother I want a lottery held because I want a goddamn present and I don't want no stinking greyhound bus neither.

**family saying meaning "gift bought for self and disguised as gift for another." Based on incident that took place 55+ years. Boy bought mother toy greyhound bus for birthday present. Later, Father stepped on bus, said "boy, pick up your damned bus." Boy's response, "it's not mine, it's mom's." We have long memories for small matters in our family.


  1. I love that. Greyhound bus. *wiping tears of laughter from my eyes*

    I love incomprehensible family jokes. My father-in-law still refers to his carkeys as The Spoon (as in 'Where's The Spoon?') because in about 1983 he lost his carkeys and for the next two years he started his car with a spoon.

  2. There's a word in Yiddish for the Greyhound bus -- "yenem," meaning "someone else, not me." (IIRC) useful for pointing fingers or in the saying, "yenem's is besser" (his is better, i.e., the grass is always greener). Yeah, more than you wanted to know.

    How will you be judging the contest, or did I miss that?


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