Thursday Thirteen--Recipes I use (or witness)

I'll cheat and steal some of my own.

1. Easy flan recipe. (celiac approved)

2 another chocolate cake (just like yesterday's recipe, but less complex. also good for celiacs)

3. My way too healthy healthy fruity muffins. (NOT celiac safe)

4. Best scones, says Jon F and maybe even Karen. Maybe. Someone liked them, anyway.

5. Alton's lemon meringue pie. With a tad more cornstarch. (don't do the crust and you got a good celiac one)

I'm realizing mostly desserts and not a lot of regular food here. That regular stuff I just cook, see. No recipes needed. I cook dinner every damn day and I'd go nuts if I had to look at recipes all the time. (besides. box' o' pasta. Add to boiling water. Cook until tender) But I'll write a couple down. Two easy uses for fake crab:

6. mix flaked crab with lemon juice, salsa, chopped up avocado. Yum. Cilantro and cumin if you have them.

7. crab with peanut stuff--all mixed with cooked linguine. Standard peanut sauce:
cider vinegar (because Darcy didn't like balsamic) some brown sugar, tamari, and warm water--or if you're not lazy--chicken broth, sesame oil, lots of peanut butter. Crunchy peanut butter is better. Lots and lots o' chopped alot ginger, sesame seeds, garlic and cilantro. Skip whatever you dislike, including fake crab. Except best not to skip the liquids or peanut butter is impossible to use. Mix sauce and add to fake crab and linguine. Also add whichever of these you like: chopped tomato, cuke, more ginger, slightly cooked carrots, etc.

8. whipped cream in a can. Shake can vigorously, hold UPSIDE-DOWN over someone's mouth. Don't allow any part of mouth to touch dispenser. Press nozzle sideways until person makes grunting protesting sounds. Very popular here. Should have won an award there. (check out the other recipes. Very tasty stuff.)

9. Left over pasta (we used to have a lot but now boys eat more). Use left over chicken and veggies or chop lunch meat and tomatoes up. Grate a lot of cheese. heat pasta slightly. put in cheese Add dressing of balamic vinegar, (or rice wine vinegar if you use wasabi)
plain yogurt/mayo mix (you decide ratio. Mike = all mayo. Me =all yogurt). Sometimes fun to add mustard or wasabi, depending on what else you're dumping in. Also might want to add whatever herbs you have growing in the garden. We usually have pathetic parsley and oregano (presto! Italian Noodle Salad). Sometimes rosemary is good, sometimes it tastes terrible. (yo, remember to take a little of the nearly-finished salad out, mix it with questionable flavor in a bowl and try it first. Don't dump strong flavors without testing) Do not forget the cheese.

10. Bitter-Argument Birthday Tuna Casserole (long story.) one can tuna, one egg, one can mushroom soup, one onion chopped, lightly cooked, two cups cooked elbow macaroni. A lot of grated cheese. Yellow cheddar is favorite. Mix, making sure there's some leftover cheese to sprinkle on top. Cook until sort of set. Maybe 35 minutes.

11 Salads. Start with romaine because it's usually cheap. Add dried cranberries, walnuts and feta (yawn. standard) and some kinda vinegar based dressing. Another salad: add orange bits (not slices too big) and nuts. Dressing of Trader Joe's orange muscat vinegar. Ooo I love that stuff. Maybe good with ginger, but I haven't tried it yet. Have tried dried coconut but I was the only one to eat it.

important part of any salad recipe:
ALWAYS WASH THE BAG STUFF even when it says it's been washed three times! Mike the Microbiologist does a food lab with his students and reports that the bagged salad, the baby carrots and the bean sprouts (especially the bean sprouts) usually have way more disgusting bacteria than the raw hamburger.

Sure, the salad and baby carrots might not have had a lot of bacteria when they were washed three times, but it's impossible to make them impressively bacteria free without cooking or maybe Clorox. So a few bacteria are sitting in those bags, bored out of their minds. What else is some e coli gonna do for fun? Soon you're back to high happy numbers. Wash the stuff.

12 Back on topic. Homemade chocolate pudding. 3 Tablespoons corn starch. 3 oz cooking chocolate, 1 cup sugar, 2 cups milk. Combine and stir, stir, stir, stir, stir, stir over medium heat until it boils and keep cooking for another minute. Eat hot or cold. Some people put some butter in there, but meh, not necessary. Chocolate chips on top are nice.

13. Aya's recipe: Take everything out of the refrigerator and try combos. Bring on peanut butter, ramen and grape jelly. Don't forget the lettuce, frozen peas and left over pizza! Slice an orange or apple or onion for decoration and to impress the cousins. We miss Aya!

13a okay, a real one because as far as I know, Aya is the only one to consistently eat Aya food. We all try a bite now and then and it's often good, but. . . .well okay a tried-and-true Party Food: Blue cheese (yum) cream cheese, chopped dried cranberries and walnuts. Mix and mush them together (I like to use my nice clean hands). Form into a ball and roll in more chopped cranberries and walnuts. Serve with almost anything.


  1. Lauren Dane12:44 PM

    Yes to #8! It never gets old. I wish my family liked tuna casserole, I love it, they don't. sigh.

  2. Yum! All good except tuna casserole.
    It's a phobia from my mother's absolutely yucky tuna caserole she'd make when I was a kid.
    Can't Even Think about it.

  3. thecabinet:
    celiac disease an allergy to gluten. Some pals of mine have it.

  4. Where were you at 6 this morning when I was making scones for the boys' breakfast? *goes off to check out the recipe*

    Ah, nevermind. At 6 a.m., they were lucky to get ones made from Bisquik.

  5. Lauren, I'd never had tuna casserole until I met my husband. It's okay, but not my favorite food ever.

    I suspect I like it better than Sam. Heck, I suspect almost anyone does.

    And Darla? Six am? My kids are lucky if I help them open a box of Cheerios at that hour. YOU are a devoted mom.

  6. Admittedly, whipped cream straight from a can IS quick, easy, and satisfying, but that's not how the winner was chosen!

    I'm always happy to have another flan recipe :)

  7. Mmmm, now that's what I call a worthwhile TT list! Just enough of the healthy to balance the decadent. A true foodie's delight, Kate. :-D

  8. Mmm...yum! Now I'm hungry. :D


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