Happy Peeps Day!!

Peeps perched, ready in microwave.

Peeps after a minute or two.

Peeps are currently in the freezer but we have no pix. Also no pix of peeps that were beaten with a stick until flat.**

Tomorrow: Take your Peeps to Work Day.

Also at least one chocolate bunny is earless. A successful day all around. Except for the lemon meringue pie. It didn't set right and I made it for company. Too much lemon juice? Not enough corn starch? Boy one says just shut up about the pie.

**Note: all images borrowed from Peepblog. Our camera's not working right.


  1. I bought a solid Russell Stovers chocolate rabbit for my husband. I can't eat any because I am doing Jenny Craig - the diet, not the person, the beyach, whom I now hate because I am overweight. Anyway, on with the story. I put the rabbit in the refrigerator to make the chocolate nice and cold for my dear husband. But then I turned e-vile on him when he bought some Haagen Dazs ice cream to go with the rabbit. I took the rabbit out of the refrig and beat his frozen head on the kitchen counter busting it into a million little pieces, as perhaps Jame Frey imagined. I'm afraid it just made the whole process easier for my husband who poured choco bunny head pieces straight from the box onto his vanilla bean ice cream.

  2. Peeps. My mom LOVES them. She has a system -- they cannot be eaten immediately, but must have a particular degree of staleness. Ick.

    I, on the other hand, love the Mary Sue easter eggs, vanilla butter cream.


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