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Last night I had an unusual bout of insomnia so, after plotting a couple of my own books, I moved over to other people's stories and did some post-story work on them. Mind you, the only books I could think of are the ones I love--those are the ones that stay with me. So I was basically taking these favorite, finished stories and trashing them. I blame what might be the onset of menopause or just plain pissant attitude. Take True Love and add the everyday wearisome habits of people and ta da! you have True Life.

Beau Crusoe: In truth the author wrote a sweet, short epilogue that didn't make it into the book. I won't reproduce it here, but I wonder if Carla Kelly has it posted somewhere? A letter that makes reference to their trip to the island. The epilogue got cut because it seemed too real, or so I imagine. I'll go look for it after I finish this evil post.

Right. Last night, I had James go after the spirit once too often during an important dinner party. Or maybe Susannah made the mistake of serving crabs and James, in the spirit of the Wodehouse character, Lord Worplesdon, cracked. He picked up the lid of the platter said "Crabs! Crabs! Damn all crabs!" and stalked out of their lives. ('never again to return to the bosom of his family')

I had Mick and Edwina from Ivory's The Proposition up next. She corrected his speech so many times, he started speaking completely incomprehensibly just to annoy her--he made up a language and she went bananas trying to research it. Eventually and they gave up on communication although their sex life didn't go south. That would be too hard to imagine.

You get the idea. I think I did a couple of Balogh books. Easy to do An Unlikely Duchess because I liked the duke and I found Jo one of the most annoying heroines ever. Eventually Jo threw something sharp at Paul and didn't miss. He had enough. He moved to the country and took up raising peacocks because in truth, he missed her and the birds' yowling reminded him of Jo.

I did a couple of mainstream books, but I fell asleep eviscerating Balogh's A Secret Pearl.

Go read these books because they're wonderful. And do not think of this post when you do.


  1. There's something so very evil, yet funny about this. And smart.


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