For the record

Sap is rising. I'm having a very good time writing stories again. I'm putting this in the record so I can recall this as a red letter day when the black letter days pile up. Huh. My pal Margaret told me a different story about red letter days. I'll have to get back about that one. She said something about stones and the Romans. Luckily she's still around so I'll call and ask.

Anyway, this writing stint has some the drawbacks--real world is in the damn way. My kids talk to me and interrupt plotting. Every writer and/or kid playing Let's Pretend knows that one, but it's been a while since I've been so absorbed by the internal story. I'm trying to be polite but oy . . . I do not know and I do not care where your shoes are. I have someone to kill off, toots. Don't make me throw a ten-year-old into the death scene.

Dragon story is just about done, too. I can get started on the dead stuff again. Yay! I just need to throw in yet more heat, Angie. huffa huffa.


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