doom and gloom

You know how people are always predicting the end of our civilization when they read about Single Moms ** or Gay Marriage or Dogs Living with Cats? This is the kind of article that makes me wonder if the end [of our society] is nigh. A guy is arrested for feeding the poor.


**quick quiz: Who said this?
Right now the failure of our families is hurting America deeply. When families fall, society falls. The anarchy and lack of structure in our inner cities are testament to how quickly civilization falls apart when the family foundation cracks.
Hint: It was in reference to the television show Murphy Brown.


  1. I seem to recall someone doing this with loaves of bread - Jesus someone, I think, was his name.

    Would he be dragged off in handcuffs today for feeding the poor and hungry, do you think?

  2. Dan Quayle!

    The Murphy Brown clue gave it away.

  3. Oh, Good Lord in heaven.

    The cops in Orlando don't have bigger crimes to deal with?!

  4. Hi Linda, Sam and Doug.

    Yup, Dan Quayle's the man.
    I read the whole speech and it wasn't nearly as dopey as I'd expected, but with someone like Dubya around, it's only going to make people like Quayle look like articulate geniuses..

    Linking Murphy Brown and the end of the 'Murican two parent family remains a real wtf moment.

  5. Damn. I can't turn around without destroying the American family. Too bad my sons are doomed. Should I tell them now so they won't try to improve themselves, and just slump to the lowest of the low now?

  6. My cousin has some roomies that now have to sneak out in the night to provide blankets to street homeless folks when the weather gets cold because the city she lives in has passed some sort of legislation that persons administering to the homeless outside of a shelter will be arrested.

    Then I was looking up about Knut the baby polar bear in the Berlin zoo this morning and there is some so-called animal right activist that wants him killed. "It ain't natural" was his agrument.

    Some people are whack and maybe on crack. My poetry is really bad and I need to take a class. Pardon moi.


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