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Anyway, we talked about that a bit today at a rioter's meeting. Interesting topic as usual, although nothing new came along-- and interesting that something repetitive can still be kinda fun to talk about. (New ways to say same old things is what we do for a living, after all.) Most of the talk is usually about constant Web Presence stuff. Blogs, webpages, and whathaveyou.

But it's the one shot deals that really make a difference, perhaps even in the long run. My theory is that for sales of a book, a single great review by a picky reviewer is better than anything, even a month's worth of carefully thought-out blogs.

The cool thing is that with epublishing, you can see the effect of some actions TA DA! Right Away. So when Mrs. Giggles rated Ann Wesley Hardin's book a keeper, Ann could see a nice surge of sales--and on top of that, that kind of review helps with the ol' professional image. AWH's seen as a writer of good books and not just a clever blogger.

Contests too, maybe help, though the cause/effect thing isn't as clear. Linda pointed out that Learning Charity's doing pretty well. [quick! look before it goes away!] The book's been out for a long-ass time. Could that blip on the screen be because Summer is a finalist in the Passionate Plume? **

An interview? Dunno about that one. I haven't done one in a dog's age--although I was mentioned in RT a couple of months ago, but not as Summer, I don't think she was even mentioned? (I wish I'd seen it!) And it was a paragraph about me, not my books. I'd rate that about as worthwhile as blogging, if we're talking publicity. Any of you ebook writers seen any results directly related to an interview? Or maybe one of those chats?

Heck, I think I know the moral of Today's Tale: if you're blogging simply to get book sales, it's probably easier just to enter contests and bribe reviewers.

Well, well. Shannon just got a good review from Mrs. G too.

**Talk about unscientific conclusions--LC could have been on that particular list a long time. Linda's the first person to point it out.


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