report from the flood area

Still pumping out water six hours later.

Have landed on my butt (warning: tile floor slippery when underwater) twice. Giant sploosh and waves result.

Have not broken the neighbor's pump, though seriously overheated the thing.

Feet have turned permanently wrinkled and pink because no leak-proof boots on premises.

Have abandoned footwear.

Haven't heard from husband. (update: heard from husband. Response= properly sympathetic. Arrived home bearing lunch meats.)

Have forgotten to close basement door three times and have been joined by happy dog in basement lake three times.

She splashes and drinks! yay!

Have ascertained insurance will probably not cover this.

Am fairly certain all wallboards will have to be replaced.

Am wondering why we use so many cardboard boxes for storage.

Seriously craving a drink--and tea won't do it.


  1. Sorry about your shitty water issue. My parents' basement flooded once, and they still refer to it The Flood -- now ten years on. They were much for reading to begin with, and they never bothered replacing what they lost once the water destroyed every book they owned. They live in a house with NO BOOKS. NONE. I still shake my head at this unfathomable state of existence.

    Here's hoping you've rescued most of the good stuff.

  2. Dang. Sorry to hear about the flood. Hope the sump pump keeps up.

  3. Oh dear god.

    If I lived closer to you, I'd be right over with my much boots and a proper selection of alcoholic beverages. One day I'll share with you the story of manhandling a clothes dryer and washer out the back door after a flood when I was about twelve months pregnant with my son. (OK, it FELT like I was twelve months preggers.)

    I'm sure it's the same crap.

  4. sxKitten10:18 PM

    Oh, yuck! I've never been flooded out, and would be quite happy to stay that way.


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