these and many, many more questions

Personal: will this work or is the computer switch (back to the old system) be as rotten as the misguided switch away?
Did changing providers (back) actually make a difference about the reliability of my email?

What are the chances that the next book I pick up will list yet another bunch of lame-o questions on the back?

Am I at last grateful to one of my publishers (no name here) that doesn't allow authors to use questions on their back-cover copy?
Will the next back cover mention the beating of her restless heart?
Will it ask us if the hero might learn to see the error of his ways?
Was it ever in doubt?
How do you make people want to read about characters they don't know?
Why do editors think it should be questions?
Is it because they are as clueless as I am about writing back cover?
Have questions about the characters always been so stupid or have I only recently seen too many?

Eternal: Will the dog stop barking? Please?


  1. It does seem to be a recent trend, doesn't it? The questioning letter from the hero/ine, oh how it bugs me, too.

  2. oh LORDY, I forgot about those. I hate them. The letter would be nearly acceptable if the book were in first person or if it were a bunch of letters (Dear Enemy)
    No question [heh] about it, I hate those more than the question thing.

    And AE--That comment above about being hungry is just sick. I like that in a writer.


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