Never mind

hey, no point in doing a Thursday Thirteen. It's Friday. I've been doing the real life thing far too much lately. Sick people, birthday boys. We have another today (BB, not sick person, thank the lord) and I made his cake last night. Thing is, he wants his best friend, who's got celiac disease? syndrome? to have some cake too, so no box mixes allowed.

Here's the recipe I used.
1 lb chocolate, bittersweet
1 cup strong coffee
2 cups sugar
1 lb butter
melt the above, then add 8 beaten eggs. Bake at 255 for almost two hours.

Result = a honking big chocolate brick that throws several pounds onto anyone who even looks at it.

I'm going to make a fluffy sort of mousse event, pour it onto the cake (I have a tin foil collar), let it sit for a while, then cover the whole mess with genache.


  1. BTDT, when my boy #1 was on a no-gluten, no-milk diet for a year. Another good alternative is the brownie mix from Bob's Red Mill. It's about $7 for the mix, but it tastes pretty good and it's pretty much every-allergen-free. (gluten, wheat, dairy, casein, soy, egg, nut, peanut free)

    Happy Birthday to the boy! Don't forget to give him his birthday spankings, too.

  2. Poor R seems to have bad reactions to Bob's Red Mill's stuff. The poor kid is still really sensitive.

    I'm so paranoid about baking stuff he'll eat that I always use new, previously unopened sugar and butter.

  3. Good God, Kate, flourless chocolate cake topped with chocolate mousse and ganache? This sounds so *expletive deleted* good that I’m drooling all over my keyboard.

    I’ve had flourless chocolate cakes in restaurants--mmmm, sinfully delicious--but I’ve never tried making one at home. Not because I’m not proficient in the kitchen, mind you, but because I know damn well I’d eat the whole damn thing before anyone else even had a chance to sample it.

    Which, of course, is a perfectly logical reason to make two of these drool-worthy creations of yours. One for me and one for…no, wait… Maybe I’d better make three. :-D

  4. Poor kiddo. It's so rough, having to be on a restrictive diet. At least my boy only had to do it for a year for a condition to heal on its own. Wish he'd had friends with moms like you, too--he'd always come home and say things like, "I ate Cheetoes, that's okay, right? Mrs. ___ said a little wouldn't hurt."


  5. Almond flour is off limits? Cuz that would lighten it a tad, I suspect. As it stands, this is a giant chocolate omelette.

  6. It is nothing like an omelette. Much more like a huge truffle, sort of brownie. Can't taste the eggs at all.

    This particular one turned out beautifully, by the way. Ended up using 3 cups of heavy cream for the mousse, a lot of it whipped, so that helped make the whole thing less brick-like.

    Almonds wouldn't lighten it--where's the leavening?


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