Over at dailykos I'm in the mood to be all political on your asses, as AE says.

Actually I don't think of these sorts of issues as political, yet. They will be, of course.

The theory of cell phones signals wiping out the bees sounds bizarre and like something created by a cranky member of the anti-technology movement, but there is some mounting proof (or do I mean "mounting evidence". Hey, the basement's flooding, okay? It's enough to back up the cliches).

The two big questions:

1. If it does prove true, how much fighting against the huge cell-phoney bucks will it take to get changes made? Courts! Lawyers! Motions! Etc! Will the dragging-their-asses-through-courts process end before or after we lose most of our food supply? Naturally any change would happen after Bush--and if another big business prez comes into power after him, well, bye bees. Heck, would enough convincing proof be collected in time to present the case to the courts? (that would be question 1a.)

2. And if it isn't true, what the hell is killing off the little buggers?


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