second sign of the apocalypse this week

Any of you have a clue before this week that Don Imus was so very important? He's heading the news all over the fricking place. Forget the war, we have some guy who was hired to act like an asshat jerk acting like an asshat jerk. At least with Britney or whatshername who died, they did something out of the ordinary.

I wouldn't mind if the earth opened up and swallowed Don Imus, or at least all the news stories about him.

I do think it's funny that he's talking about how much humiliation he feels. Not enough to actually learn humility, naturally.

Pfah. I swore to the idiots on CNN this morning that I, at least, wasn't going to talk about this. They didn't appear to hear me, but maybe you will. So if I mention him again please put me in detention or take away my chocolate eggs. Deal?

UPDATE: Actually I'm almost glad he got the publicity because now we get to listen to the Rutgers coach and she's cool. (The bit about basketball? and even her own personal final four stuff? kind of takes away from the real message.) I hope she gets as much air time as Imus.


  1. I didn't have a clue because I never listen to the shock jocks and otherwise annoying crap anyway. We listen to a morning show on one station mostly so we can get the Hollyweird news, and that's it -- but I was pretty depressed when the station decided it needed a morning show.

    I'm all about the music. Just wish the stations would be.

  2. What a dolt.
    I feel sorry for his wife, trying to hock her 'green' book and having her husband's dopey behavior hanging over her publicity tour.

  3. I rank Imus with Limbaugh and the FNC people -- not worth my time or concern.

    My sister pointed something out to me today -- Imus, who represents no one other than himself, is getting all kinds of sh!t for a racist comment and pushback from market forces. But Peter Pace, speaking under color of authority for the United States Freaking Armed Services, makes a homophobic comment and it all blows over in a couple of days. So it's okay to be a homophobe in government but not to be a racist in a capitalist endeavor?

  4. I think the reason the Imus story captured attention is because he talked about a specific group of ten girls. Pace was being hateful in the abstract.

    Imus picked on a group of student athletes (they do love that term) who had names and faces. They're kids, not political leaders or pundits.

    Frankly the more I think about Imus, the more PO'd I am by what he said. Although I do think he gets the point too, at long last.

    Maybe he will feel actual humility instead of anger at all these people out to get him.

  5. I agree that Pace is pretty awful, though, jmc. And in his position? Probably more dangerous than even the Mighty Imus.

  6. I just reread my comment, which came off like I don't think that what Imus said was wrong. I do. And he deserves the pushback he's getting. Even before this, though, I thought he was a blowhard not worth my attention.


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