Speaking of Obits

Here's a line from one:

"Sara Katherine Petterson Brouillard, 55, of Castine passed peacefully at Eastern Maine Medical Center on Wednesday, March 21, 2007, following a brief, courageous battle with cancer and a long and aggravating marriage to Paul Brouillard."

Paul wrote it. From the article about the obit--The fact that the obituary made some people smile, or even laugh, is something Brouillard says his wife would like.


  1. I love funny obits.
    My dad's funural was funny - people laughed. It was like him - he had a great sense of humor.
    So my obit better be funny.
    Or I'll come back and haunt whoever wrote it.
    Died at 106, here lies Sam.
    And lying under her is the cute cabana boy her husband caught her with...

  2. That was oddly touching, or touchingly odd.

    We get all formal around death. We probably shouldn't.

  3. What a freakin' great obit.

  4. That's great. My FIL funeral was funny. No way in hell it couldn't be. He was an absolute riot.

  5. I love that obit. Just perfect.

  6. Yeah, gimme an obit like that too, only without the "died at 55" part. Maybe 105.

    One of my funniest memories was from my grandmother's funeral. We were all standing at the graveside, heads bowed for prayer, and my brother nudged me to indicate my grandfather's headstone and footstone. The footstone's death date was the day before the headstone's. My brother leans over and whispers to me, "Do you think he died from the bottom up?"

    Have you ever tried to hide hysterical laughter in the midst of a hundred sharp-eyed mourning relatives? Not. Easy.


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