Hello! I came to say I must be going

Every couple of years I get a version of Athene. Not wisdom, unfortunately. A whole story SPROING! pops into my head fully dressed for the party and checking its watch because I'm too goddamn slow. I have to get it down fast before the characters get bored and wander off. So I'm writing like a maniac.

I did post elsewhere. Learn all about porn! Or pron as we experts call it, because we can't type worth shit when we're in a hurry.

Also, you know that thing about LOL spitting coffee you owe me a new monitor ha ha ha? I really did have to swallow a too-hot mouthful fast this morning as I read Doug's blog. It was the Jerry Lewis one that burned my throat, curse you Doug. I got an 18.

Be back soon. Maybe tomorrow. Or if I run out of words, I'll come over here and whine, whine, whine like a hungry mosquito


  1. Hey Auntie K: Have you read "snow", that new(ish) Orhan Pamuk novel? The reasons I mention it are two-fold: It's really really freaking good, and the main character is constantly being Smitten with poems that appear to him, fully formed. He has no choice but to write them down "as if they were being dictated in his ear".
    Anyway... Good Book, and your post made me think of KA.
    (P.S. Know any good grad schools?)

  2. Nope, never heard of it and will now go fine it.

    Grad schools? For what? hey? What? huh?


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