top three signs of spring

1. The pile of dirty snow at the Waldbaum's parking lot has shrunk to the height of a tall man (It was building high)

2. The sleet currently pelting us has more rain than ice in it.

3. the huge ice patch in the backyard has turned into a huge mud patch. No need to go look. The doggy foot prints all over the kitchen reveal the truth.


  1. A muddy floor IS the first sign of spring.
    Happy Spring!!!

  2. We're just about into summer here. The first sign of spring was the mosquitoes, and the first sign of summer (besides it hitting 90 inside my house) was when the mosquitoes got big as horseflies.

    Fun stuff.

  3. We had a half hour blizzard yesterday. No kidding. Wind, huge amounts of snow, zero visibility, some accumulation. Fucking New England.


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