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A M Riley doesn't avoid the blood and gore of vampires . . .and in her stories the supernatural sometimes fits our world like OJ's glove (and other times like a latex "glove").

Every now and then I buy some online books-- when I know I have to be stuck somewhere with only the computer. I started reading this (it's free! it's seriously just for grown-ups!). And then as soon as I could, bought that -- it's a little less grim.

She's got lost souls down and hot m/m sex too, so if that seriously squicks you, avoid it. It turns out that m/m doesn't do a whole lot for me. But the writing and the characters turned me on. Lost boys, only far better than the other takes I've seen. Riley seems to have done her research about fairies and banshees**, too. I wouldn't know, because I haven't.

I sometimes try to guess which ebook rioter will be The Next Big Thing (so far it's clear I shouldn't be an agent or publisher). Today's guess is that the NYC publishers will discover Riley and I think I'll throw on an extra bet for Amelia Elias, who writes at the other, more escapist fun end of the supernatural spectrum. Her stuff makes me laugh. Yeah, I know Amelia --and I have actually even met her in person and I'm not supposed to recommend friends****, but pppppppffffffthhh.


**There's nothing Disney about her characters.
**** This is according to some rules I made up a while ago.


  1. When I get a yen for the m/m stuff, I need look no further than my William S. Burroughs collection. The man had a yen for the brown eye.

  2. I love recommendations - so please continue!
    Changeling Press has some superb books - love Dakota Cassidy, Cat Marsters, Alexis Fleming, Cassie Walder...The list is too long to even start listing.
    At any rate, if you are in the mood for a quick, hot, GREAT read, go to Changeling Press.
    (This message was brought to you by Sam Winston...)

  3. Changeling has ME too! LOL!

    Miskate, you gorgeous thing, you. I really love your shoes. And is that a new shade of lipstick? (Or is it just lipstick where there usually is none?)

    Yeah, I didn't suck up first, so I thought I should hurry up and get it done before she goes back and edits me out. LOL!


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